Earn Fuel Rewards by shopping at Ken's Fresh Foods, and redeem them for BIG SAVINGS at the pump!


How do I get my card?
You can get your card at our Cynthiana, KY location. Best of all, you’ll get rewards and no paperwork to fill out.

Want to receive additional rewards off your gas?
Register your card online and save even more off your gas!

When and how can I use my Rollback Gas Rewards?
Swipe your card every time you shop and your rewards will automatically be added to your card. Swipe our card when you purchase gas and you will see your price roll back on the pump.

How long do I have to rollback the pump?
Find out how many rewards you’ve earned or when they’re going to expire anytime on your receipt or check our website at the kiosk in the front of the store.

How much can I earn?
No limit to the dollar amount you can earn in cents per gallon discounts.

Are there any limits on my Rollback Gas Rewards?
Transaction discounts are limited to a total of 15 gallons.


Check out some actual customer receipts. Pick up your card and start earning rewards today!